Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Squirrel, a Snail and some Owls

Hello Peeps,

The Mother and Miss H have been busy making coolio woodland creatures.

  Look what the Mother made. Isn't it sooo coolio?

It is a needle keep. She used the pattern from Wild Olive - you can find it here!

While I was looking for the perfect place for Miss H to take a picture I found this awesome snail. Look at the face that Miss H drew on it (Grandma asked her to). Heehee.

Miss H found these three hoops at a second-hand shop. She plans to cover them with fabric and put stitcheries in them to hang on her wall. 

These two cutie owls will go in the big hoop.

This coolio owlie will go in one of the two small hoops. Miss H still has to stitch one more for the last hoop.

But wait, what is that in the right corner? 

Oh look, another owl. He can't be put into the third hoop because Miss H already has another owl stitchery planned for that hoop. What is to be done with him?

Love From
Baa. xxx