Friday, 8 August 2014

Miss H's Pouches!!!

Hello Peeps,

Remember the sneak peek I showed you last time?

Well, this is the adorable little pouch it made.

Perfect for Miss H's I-pod or cellphone to be kept in. 

This isn't the only pouch Miss H made. She made four more as well. In fact, Miss H and the Mother spent all of Monday making pouches. (I will show you the Mother's pouches next time.)

Look at this one!  Nostalgia for the Mother - cassettes!  Miss H's thinks they look such fun and especially loves the colours.

She put a pretty red ribbon on the zip and I just love the black material she lined it with.
Look at that zip.  We found it in Grandma's zip container. Vintage!   Miss H loves it.
And I love the mustaches!  They make such a fun pouch - She put grey on the back as she only had a little piece of material.
This pretty floral one is for her colouring in pencils.  Newly sharpen!

Oooh!  Look!  Some of those pencils have snuck in here too.

I just can't decide which one is my favourite one.  I love this one too.  Specs!  They look so funky!

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  1. Lovely pouches they are all so cute it would be hard to decide which is a favorite.