Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lollies, sweets, and candies!!!

Hello peeps,

Yesterday the Mother, Miss H and I took a friend down to Otorohanga. On the way back we stopped at Candyland.

Sitting among the lollipops. They are almost the same size as me!

 I am the king of the Lolly Stack Castle!

Wow! A giant lollipop! It would take me 10 years to eat it all...

Yummy! Rock candy.

Look at the sweet treats Miss H and the Mother got (they promised to share).

Miss H got a passion fruit flavoured heart shaped lollipop. Do you think she will notice if I have a lick? As well as a peach flavoured rock candy stick which she ate on the way home.

The Mother got a banana flavoured rock candy stick. It's nearly twice as tall as me! The Mother also got some fudge. It was sooooo delicious we ate it all in less than a minute!

Also on the way back we stopped at The Mother's favourite fabric store - Grandmother's Garden.

I sat outside on this lovely chair while the Mother and Miss H did a bit of shopping.

Lots of Love
Baa. xxx

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