Monday, 28 April 2014


Woof woof!

My name is Snowy (aka. The Enemy). I have taken over this blog from the sheep - he is currently my prisoner. As you probably know Miss H is away in India - so Baa doesn't have his protector - that is how I was able to get control of his blog.

This is me. I was named after the adventurous dog Snowy from Tintin.

Two of my favourite activities are playing and going for walks.

I will destroy you, you evil toy! Woof!

I also love to eat apples. Mmmm... tasty apple.

 Another of my favourite things to do is to go in the car. You humans should really try sticking your heads out the window.

In the holidays we go down to the beach house. And they take me for walks along the beach - where I am allowed to run freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Watching the sunrise. Isn't it beautiful?

Who put this picture in? I look like a girl! I had just been for a hair cut at the groomers and they put a bow in my hair. Yes I am smiling - but only because I couldn't see what I looked like!

This is the only kind of horse I like. I am NOT friendly with real horses.

My nose helps me to get into all sorts of trouble... I mean adventures!

Woof! Bye for now. I am off on an expedition!

Love and slobbery licks from
Snowy Woof!


  1. Hugs and slobbery kisses back at you Snowy! Did you have to tie up Baa to get control of his blog? Always nice to see you...but don't tell Baa I said that or his nose will get out of joint! xox

  2. Nice to meet you Snowy. Hopefully Baa was not injured in the coup. Maybe you two could call a truce and blog together.