Monday, 14 April 2014

She flew off into the sunset... without me!

Hello Peeps,

Before I get to the reason for the post's name I shall tell you about seeing the Royals.
We had a FANTASTIC spot straight across from the Emirates Team NZ base where William and Kate boarded the yachts for their races (which Kate won, of course!). Thank you VERY much to Uncle K for having a boat in the Viaduct - which is part of the Auckland Habour.

 Sadly Miss H's camera lens aren't good for zoom. So this is the best photo she got. And then she completely forgot to take more pictures when the yachts were going out - ops! Miss H and I were shouting and waving far too much! We got a wave from William AND Kate!  It was soooooooooo COOLIO!!!

Miss H just had to take a picture of this beautiful aqua coloured yacht. 

Now, to explain why the post title is "She flew off into the sunset... without me!" Miss H has gone to India for 3 weeks! And I have been left here - alone! Why have I been left behind? Apparently I am too young... and also Miss H is very forgetful and will probably lose me... 

This is what Miss H thinks I will be doing most of the time while she is away:

 Me balling my eyes out becuase she left me behind.

But this is what I am actually doing:

PARTY TIME!!! I am digging into my stash of chocolate. Yummy!

Mini M&M's. Perfect for a little sheepie like me.

Hmm... which shall I eat first?

I wonder how many M&M's I can balance on my head? 

And to finish off some DELISHOUS fudge. 

Finally, even though Miss H is away I will still be posting on my blog (I have been watching her and know how to do it now.) So pop back every Monday and Friday for the next three weeks. 
Miss H will help me reply to any comments when she gets back (I still haven't learnt how to do that one by myself.)

Lots of Love From
Baa. xxx

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  1. Oh Baa you will keep plenty busy I am sure of it. Hope Miss H enjoys her trip.