Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Face Cloth Presents

Hello Peeps,

Miss H has really started to LURVE crochet. Especially because it can be taken EVERYWHERE! However, it is also because as the weather grows hotter and hotter with the approach of Summer, Miss H's hands get sweaty which leaves stains on the fabric when she is stitching. So, away goes the hand stitching and out comes the crochet. And it is a lot safer for Summer holidays with friends as they have little kids and Miss H is notorious at losing her scissors or needles when hand stitching.

So I thought I would show you some crochet presents Miss H made for some of her classmates.

They are square(ish) crochet face cloths done all in double crochet. Miss H looked at a few patterns but just worked out how many chain she wanted as she went - hence the different sizes. Hee..hee...hee...

I am somewhere under all those cloths!!!

Ah... that is much better! Here they are wrapped up ready to be given as gifts. 

Oh, and what do you do with left over wool. Turn it into the coolio-est little handbag/basket.
(Please note I am just the model - this handbag/basket is WAAAAAAAY too small for my chocolate stash! And it is PINK!!!)

Lots of love,
From Baa. xxx

Oh, and guess what! Miss H just found out where she is going on placement and it is the place that she was really hoping for so she is SOOOOOOOOOOO happy and excited. She starts the first week of December.


  1. A neck warmer would feel good here Baa, but aren't you a little warm?

  2. Well that is great news Hannah and what a great gift idea. xx

  3. Great idea for face clothes. I saw a thing recently about make up remover wipes which were made out of some flannel pieces and you could launder them. Teeny tiny basket Congratulations on your placement.

  4. What a wonderful idea Baa. Miss H certainly IS clever. I love how she has rolled them & given them a wee label .. her classmates will be "tickled pink".!!

  5. Oh forgot to add .... that is wonderful news about Miss H's placement too Baa !!

  6. Beautiful crocheted cloths! Congratulations on getting the placement you wanted!! Christine xx

  7. Congratulations to Miss H on her perfect placement - that's good news indeed. Perfect face cloths too - I often make them and now that I'm playing about with making soap I can include a bar of that too.