Wednesday, 7 November 2018

More stitcheries

Hello Peeps,

Tomorrow (Friday) Miss H submits her final two assignments for this year. So why is she writing a blog post instead of doing study? Well, she has already finished them. YAY!!! Now, I need to convince her that she needs to get chocolate to celebrate so I can eat it all have some.

Miss H has completed lots more stitcheries for her "Made for this" quilt.

The duck and her duckling train has been completed. Isn't it coolio? I do hope that the last little ducky gets into the train though...

Miss H found this cute stitchery pattern that looks just like the Mother. 

Ewwww! Bugs! Hee..hee...

Looks like Snowy has learnt how to sit on a stool and drink tea like the Mother. 
And a vintage chicken timer. Did you ever have one of these? The Mother had one for a while until it broke - Miss H loved using it to time her baking. 

Summer is almost here! So that means bikini time is fast approaching... 

Norman the Gnome and the Christmas mouse. 
Guess what - there are only 6 weeks until Christmas!!! No wonder Christmas Mouse is soooo happy!

And speaking of Christmas... Here is a sneak peek of the theme the Mother has chosen for Christmas. Any ideas? 

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Well done to Miss H for finishing her assignments ahead of schedule. She definitely deserves chocolate! So many lovely stitcheries. I love Norman the Gnome! Good luck Miss H. I'm sure you will do well. xxx

  2. Oh yes, chocolate is definitely needed. And don't worry about those bugs Baa because it looks as though they're quite safely contained in the bottles.

  3. Great stitcheries and well done for completing your assignments on time! xx

  4. Lovely stitcheries! I am looking forward to seeing them all put together in a quilt! Hope you enjoy lots of chocolate in celebration of finishing those assignments! Christine xx

  5. Oh Yay for finishing all the assignments! How wonderful. Those stitcheries are so cute & I look forward to seeing the quilt when its all finished.