Tuesday, 13 February 2018

In between studying

Hello Peeps,

How are you all?

Miss H and I have settled into our new home. I've been feeling homesick, and have even missed Snowy! But Miss H has kept me company and I'm feeling much better now. 

While Miss H has been busy writing the first two chapters of a MASSIVE research report, I have been snuggled up reading. 

And I must say, this is my new favourite book of all time. 

Aren't the puppies adorable?

Miss H has been stitching - these are two that she did parts of in class. (It was a very boring class...)

She has also started on this Christmas stitchery. There are four of them and they make up a mini quilt. She hopes to have them all finished by Christmas.

Mostly though Miss H crochets in class as it is easier and helps her to focus - really it does.
(Note: she is a good student who takes lots of notes in class and stops crocheting to write down what she needs to; and she knows which classes not to crochet in - scary lecturer!).

Look at how much she has done on the Mother's blanket! Hopefully she will have it finished by November.

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Oh Baa, I have missed cuddles with you for sure. Mother.

  2. I would be just like Miss H - there would have to be something in my hands or I'd definitely nod off to sleep (and probably fall off my chair and cause a ruckus!). Glad you're settling in and can cuddle 'neath that adorable wee sheepie quilt.

  3. I think its wonderful that Miss H can take some handwork to classes Baa. And its great that she has figured out which lecturers don't mind & which ones do !!! Very important that!!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Baa. And to all your family too.

  5. Sorry you are feeling homesick Baa but that looks like a great book. Miss H has done some very nice work there while concentrating on lectures! xx

  6. Glad you are feeling settled! Love those little stitcheries and that gorgeous pink crochet project! Christine x

  7. Oh I bet even though you and snowy have a bit of a love/hate relationship I am sure you probably will miss him. Glad you are settling in. Looks like lots of stuff getting accomplished. Cute stitcheries.

  8. I hope you're not feeling as homesick now Baa. At least crocheting will help Miss H stay awake during the boring lectures. xx