Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Star Wars Pillowcase!

Hello Paw-Pals,

Look what the Mother made.  Yep, a Star Wars pillow case. Jenny of Elefantz and others are making gifts through the year so they have lots of lovely things to give away for peoples' birthdays and for Christmas.  
So the Mother thought she'd have a go at a pillowcase.  She actually got the measurements a bit wrong (which is what happens when you don't measure... woof.) - so it is a bit smaller than most pillowcases but no-one would really know!  Don't tell!!!

She actually made it for the guy who is co-manager with her at the Community Centre she works at.  She works 30 hours and he works 15.  He lurves Star Wars!  But you know what - I think it matches my dog bed perfectly...........just saying.........

This is MINE now! 

Slobbery Kisses,
Snowy. Woof!


  1. Nice pillow Snowy. I think you should get the practice pillow. The mother can make a new one for the gentleman at the center.

  2. Beautiful pillowcase! Hope Snowy will let it go to it's new home! Christine x

  3. I agree - you should get to keep this one Snowy....or at the very least The Mother should make you one from the scraps.