Sunday, 10 September 2017

September Soft Storytime: In the Backyard

Hello Peeps,

Miss H has been working on several soft books for a while and she thought September was the perfect time to share them - mainly because Miss H and I lurve lots of amazing alliteration! Hee...hee...hee...

The idea is from her Stitch Love book by Wild Olive (in fact, all the stitcheries were designed by Wild Olive). 

Miss H made them as a great resource to use with infants and toddlers. The first book I'm going to show is called "In the Backyard". 

Isn't the background fabric so coolio? 

A big thank you to the Boss for punching through all the eyelets. 

And here they are...

Lizards and snails are common in the garden. Snails are unfortunately a little too common and very naughty eating Grandma's plants!

Thankfully here in New Zealand we do not have any deadly poisonous spiders. Phew!

Butterflies are Miss H's favourite insect. She always smiles when she sees one. 

We don't have tortoises in our backyards in New Zealand, but when Miss H was younger and lived overseas her family had two. One time the Boss needed to transport them, so he put them in the back of the Isuzu Trooper. The poor tortoises were terrified and peed liters and liters, much to the Boss' horror. Hee...hee..hee...

When Miss H manages to finish the cover page she will tie them all together with this coolio yellow ribbon - if I can get out of it...

Love From,
Baa. xxx


  1. Baa - how on earth did you get all tied up like that! ha....

  2. Nice work Hannah and a great idea. xx

  3. Great books, lovely work, and what a fabulous idea. Love the fabric choice too. Baa how do you ever get into those predicaments?

  4. Those soft books are just beautiful Baa. What a great idea for a gift for a little person they would be!!

  5. Turtle pee - now I've heard everything! The book is great Baa - Miss H did a great job and I know it will be well-loved by kids and adults alike.

  6. What a great idea. Have a lovely weekend, Baa. xx

  7. So beautiful. I'm planning one of these for Blossom's little girl and her soon to be born new baby. :-)