Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Jeans Bags!

Hello Peeps,

The Mother and Miss H used an old pair of jeans each to make two denim bags.

Aren't they coolio?

The Mother's is made out of more traditional denim and is extremely comfortable. 

Of course birdies are the prefect choice for everything, including denim!!!

Miss H's was made out of black denim - not as comfy!!!

It is Alice in Wonderland themed, complete with a red rose (which is not at all covering up a hole...). 

The Mother had some of the coolio-est multi-coloured thread. Perfect for the straps of Miss H's bag. 

Here are the backs of the bags - sparkles and classic denim. 

Love From
Baa. xxx

P.S. From Snowy:

I went to the groomers. Don't I look handsome? 


  1. Cute bags. Great way to upcycle those old worn out jeans. Love the thread on the strap. Snowy you look handsome with your new do.

  2. Your bags look great Snowy & yes indeed, you look very handsome after your trip to the groomers.

  3. Both bags are wonderful, Baa. Snowy, you do look very handsome! xx

  4. I love denim, no matter what the colour! Of course I'm going to like both bags. And Snowy does indeed look handsome!

  5. Great bags and Snowy, you are looking very smart. xx