Sunday, 8 January 2017

Christmas in Wellington

Hello Peeps,

On Christmas Day we flew down to Wellington to see the Geek so he didn't have to spend Christmas alone.

We decided to have lunch in the nearby Wellington Botanical Gardens. This was our lunchtime view. 
Grandma had packed a yummy picnic lunch. 

The Sparrows were very cheeky little fellows...

They have impeccable taste though - Grandma's Christmas cake was divine!

Behind us while we were eating lunch was this massive gun which is called the Krupp Gun. It was captured during the First World War and after the War it was shipped back to New Zealand as a war trophy. 

After lunch we went to a rose garden in another part of the Botanical Gardens. It was so beautiful! 
Miss H loves taking pictures of roses (every time we see roses on a trip Miss H HAS to stop!!!), and so I thought I would share some with you:

This is the view from up on a hill looking down at the rose garden. 

I still have a couple more Christmas related posts to share. I know that it is well after Christmas now, but Christmas is my favourite time of year so I always make it last as looooooong as possible. 

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Gorgeous pictures of the roses. Love the picture of the rose garden from above.

  2. The botanical gardens look lovely and I love roses too.... your photos are fabulous! Christine x

  3. What a great day you had Baa ...wonderful scenery & beautiful food & great company. Those roses look amazing too!!

  4. Roses - I can only dream!!! It's snowing here - again.