Monday, 16 January 2017

Christmas Presents: Stitcheries Given a New Life!

Hello Peeps, 

Miss H's smile was a mile wide on Christmas Day when she unwrapped these two coolio presents! The Mother used three of Miss H's completed stitcheries to make them. 

Miss H loves stitching but isn't always sure what to do with the stitcheries once she has completed them so she puts them in this jar where they wait to be used. The Mother is welcome to use them in any projects that she wants. 

Dog Tails is a mini, mini quilt. Isn't it lovely with pink, aqua and brown?

I lurve how the little doggy is framed in brown like a picture frame. 

This coolio one is a mini quilt called Animal Friends. 

Kissing Cuties!

And an adorable tapir. 

Aren't they the perfect set? I wonder where Miss H is going to hang them... she hasn't decided yet. 

Love From,
Baa. xxx


  1. They are Beautiful Baa. I think they might be in Miss H's favourite colours too. The Mother & Miss H sure are talented Baa. x x x

  2. They are just so cute! I love the stitcheries and the fabrics used to make the quilts! Beautiful! Christine x

  3. I would say Miss H is a lucky girl - to be able to create things and not have to worry about the finishing (wouldn't we all love to be able to do the same!). Sweet little quilts - hopefully Miss H doesn't hang them too high so you'll be able to take one down to snuggle with once in awhile.

  4. Those are so very cute. What a great gift.