Monday, 24 October 2016

Organised October: Thread Catchers

Hello People,

I am Luna and today I will be doing the blog post because the faithful (haha) dog decided to leave for a walk. 

So the Mother followed me around putting random fabric baskets next to me.
I am NOT amused

So, let me tell you about these thread catching baskets: The red one is the Mother's and the blue one is Miss H's. 
They were a special gift from a quilting friend of theirs when she heard that they didn't have one. 

A big THANK YOU from them to the lovely, lovely lady. 

Purrs From,


  1. That basket is a perfect fit for you! Reminds me of the story of Goldilocks... too small for the enemy, too big for Baa...perfect for Luna!

  2. What cute little thread catchers! What a lovely gift and very nicely presented by Luna! Christine x

  3. well first Luna is a beauty and your new thread catchers are a delight...i need new ones too...mmmm gingham ones you think/ ?

  4. Hello Luna - lovely to meet you! Very nice thread catchers, thanks for sharing. xx

  5. Oh dear, I do hope Snowy didn't go walkabout by himself! Nice baskets and you are a great model Luna.

  6. You certainly ARE beautiful Luna ... & you look just wonderful with that hat on in the last pic :-)

  7. Hello Luna. What lovely thread catchers.