Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Jenny July: Elephant!

Hello Paw-Pals,

Miss H and the Mother have 2 favourite people when it comes to stitcheries.  Molly of Wild Olive and Jenny of Jenny of Elefantz. This month we are showcasing some of the recent stitcheries we have done from Jenny's patterns, cause we love her patterns.

This is a special elephant pattern that the Mother did.  Lately she has been collecting some doilies at the Op shop that have trim on the edge or a trim and a little stitching but the centre is blank.  Then she can stich a Jenny pattern in the middle.

This doily she bought had a blue edge trim and some rough stitched leaves on it in blue and green.


She stitched this elephant in the middle - isn't she cute!  The Mother didn't do totally beautiful even stitches but chunky-er ones so it matched the outside more.

Pretty variegated flower and.....

and a cutie pie butterfly.

Then she found this cool material which matched perfectly..

..and made it into a mini quilt. 

It hangs up the stairs now on some string that she got the Boss to put up - She has 6 little ones hanging up so far.  I'll show you them next time - I'm not allowed upstairs so I'll have to figure out how to get away with a secret photo mission!

Slobbery Kisses
From Snowy!


  1. That is so cute. Great way to repurpose.

  2. Love what the mother did with this, she is very clever

  3. That is just gorgeous ... I too love Jennys stitcheries. I look forward to seeing them all hanging up too. I think you should probably take your paw off it now Snowy :-)

  4. Always good to recycle and doilies are so nice to stitch on. Great little quilt. xx

  5. Mother has done a beautiful job with that little elephant. Can't wait to see the others. xx

  6. Now Snowy - what did you do that means you're not allowed upstairs? Tsk tsk - and here I thought you were a perfect little doggy. Btw - love that amazing elephant!

  7. Truly, that leaf edge is beautiful around the elephant. xx