Friday, 22 April 2016

Te Whariki

Hello Peeps,

It has been a loooooooong time since I have done a blog post. Miss H is currently on her study break - but it hasn't been fun at ALL because she has had three assignments and a 3-D model all due this week!

But she has finished and handed them all in now so I am back. And guess what - I am allowed to show you the model she made! YIPEE!

Miss H had to create a 3-D model that shows the interconnectedness (big big word!) of the principles and strands that make up NZ's early childhood curriculum. It also had to be durable to last in a preschool setting.

So Miss H came up with an idea which meant she could sew and hand stitch...

Here is the beginning of the project.

Miss H sewed two sides together with fusible stuff in between to make them 3-D.

And here is the finished model:

New Zealand's early childhood curriculum is written in both English and Maori and is called Te Whariki (said like Tear Far-re-key).

The principles are in the bright colours and the strands are in the pastel colours.

Each triangle flips back to add to the 3-D effect.

On the back of each triangle is the equivalent Maori word.
Miss H hand stitched around each of the nine flaps in black thread.

The key sentence is revealed underneath when the flaps are flipped open.

And on the top of each diamond is a letter from the word Te Whariki.

The backing is patterned flannel so it's nice and soft.

And of course, Miss H just had to use one of her stitcheries to make a label. Heehee.

Love From
Baa. xxx

P.S. Pop by on Monday to hear a big announcement about what will be happening on my blog in the coming months.


  1. What a great project Miss H!! Kids will love the bright colours and the use of both languages will serve as a great learning curve as well. Well done!! Can't wait to hear the big announcement....sounds exciting!!

  2. That is amazing !!! That Miss H is soooo darned clever. If someone asked me to create a 3-D model, I would have to get out the lego !!!!

  3. Ohhhh ....I just read your P.S. Now THAT sounds fascinating. Look forward to hearing your big announcement :-)

  4. Please tell Miss H that she made a great job of her project and I look forward to your announcement! xx

  5. Verrrry nice, Baa. I'll be here on Monday.

  6. What a clever idea and beautifully executed! Love it! Christine x

  7. What a wonderful project. Well done Miss H!