Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Hug Me Bear!

Hi there Paw-Pals,

 Ooooh, look what arrived in the mail!!  Yipee!  It is a hug me bear! 
The Mother has had a bit of a hard week and has resigned from her part-time job.  She was feeling a bit flat and so Miss H sent her a wonderful little present.  He is so cute - with his arms wide open to give her a BIG, BIG hug!

 And look- a perfect home for him in a little old pram Grandma had from Miss H's Aunty's childhood.  It is a lovely size for Bear to sleep in.

Aren't we both so adorable? This is my "where's my treat" look!
The Mother is planning a week of decluttering, sewing and heading for Thursday Coffee Time at the Community Centre/Church where they are all looking forward to seeing her after all these months of not being able to come.

Slobbery Kisses,
From Snowy.


  1. Hope you mummy enjoys her reduced working hours and has heaps of fun with her friends on Thursdays

  2. Hope the coming weeks prove to be a lot more fun! What a great little bear! I recognise that 'where'e my treat?' stare.... that is EXACTLY how my Dexter looks at me!! Hugs Christine x

  3. Nothing like a little tidying to start anew. Sweet of Miss H to send the hugs from far away.

  4. Sometimes part time jobs just aren't worth the sorry it didn't work out for the Mother. Snowy - you will just have to be sure to give her lots of kisses and be on your best behaviour. No jealousy over that Hug Me bear!

  5. Hello Snowy & Baa's Mum. I am just playing catch up on my blog reading after my trip to Mums. I think Hug Me Bear is just perfect to cheer the Mother up. I was sooooo sorry to read she has had a difficult week ... hope she is soon feeling much better. Gorgeous little pram too.