Saturday, 20 February 2016

Kit Kat and Miss H's Farewell!

Hello Peeps,

Both Miss H and Kit Kat decided to leave home to study at university. And they are the first ones in their family to do so! Miss H moved a bit further down the North Island, and Kit Kat went all the way down to the bottom of the South Island!
Right now Miss H is in Tauranga and her best friend Kit Kat is settling into the Halls of Residence in Otago.

There was lots and lots of yummy food. This is the dessert part - we did have filled rolls first. Heehee.

But the best part was Miss H's and Kit Kat's Farewell Cake.
The amazing Miss Bee offered to make them a half-and-half cake with whatever they wanted on it...

And here it is!
Everything on the cake has a special meaning.
Miss H couldn't help making sure that EVERYONE at the party saw the coolio cake.

The Kit-Kats around the outside are for Kit Kat - one of her commonly used nicknames.
And the colouring pencils are for Miss H as she will need to do a lot of colouring at preschool. Heehee!

Kit Kat's other nickname is Kat and so a cat was the perfect animal to represent her.

Kit Kat will be doing a degree in film and media.
The reel is sparkly just like Kit Kat!

Miss H chose a bunny to represent her and Miss Bee decided to do a bunny bottom because it's head is buried in books - as Miss H usually is. The books also represent Miss H studying to be a preschool teacher. 

The cake inside was a DELICIOUS chocolate cake with butterscotch icing! Yummy!

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. What a fun party and the cake is gorgeous! Best wishes to the girls as they make their way into the world.

  2. Looks like such a fun party, altho' I know there were some heavy hearts. The cake is absolutely amazing - such an imagination went into it.

  3. Oh MY !!! That cake is amazing !!! And I think it represents the girls just perfectly. Bestest of luck to both girls on their big new adventures x x

  4. Good luck to you both and that cake looks sooooo scrummy! xx

  5. What a lovely party! Good luck at university! Christine x

  6. What a great cake. It looks delicious. I love KitKats! xx