Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Valentine for the Mother!

Hello Peeps,

Happy Valentines Day!

The Mother works two and a half days a week and this provided the perfect opportunity for Miss H to sew her a secret Valentines Day present.

Pattern is "Love Birds" from Sweet Tweets by Erin Cox.
This is her Valentines Day present.

The lovely red bird is the Mother and the cute aqua one is Miss H.
The Mother had decided that she would send snail mail to Miss H while she is in Tauranga.

Miss H stitched the words to look like they were hand carved into the tree.

This is the first time Miss H has used the sewing machine to quilt a word into a quilt. I think it looks pretty coolio!

She also stitched a fluffy cloud and a bright sun.

But my favourite part is the heart leaves - so so coolio!

And lastly I must tell you the funny story about the binding. The Mother keeps a stash of pre-made leftover bindings from other projects. Miss H pinched the binding that was in the exact same fabric she made the rest of the mini quilt from. The Mother laughed and said she thought she recognised that binding when Miss H admitted she borrowed it. Oops! Hee...hee!

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. What a fabulous gift! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! Christine x

  2. Somehow I think the Mother wasn't the least bit upset about Miss H pinching the binding - especially when it was turned into such a 'love'-ly gift.

  3. What a great gift. Love the story about the binding.