Monday, 10 August 2015

Presents from the Mother. YAY!

Hello Peeps,

Last week I showed you a picture of the presents the Mother made for Miss H.

Isn't this bag soooo coolio?! It is perfect for holding things on Miss H's sewing desk.

The Mother made these 2 cute pouches out of some London fabric.  

On the back The Mother put a strip of the other fabric at the top.

This is another cute bag/pouch. It folds over and then the elastic slips over the button.

Oh, oh, oh! And look! The Mother covered a button for the pouch!
I think it looks a bit like a yummy cupcake...

The Mother finished these two quilts for Miss H. One which she had started in April 2014, and the other which she had almost finished before Miss H left for England.
I will show them to you in a separate blog posts. 

The Mother also bought some coolio presents. This was a bargain at the Op Shop.

Look! In the inside it has a quilting board and it has somewhere to put the fabric pieces - either on the sandpaper or the soft side.

And this adorable mini suitcase storage container.
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. What fabulous presents! Miss H is very lucky!! :) x

  2. The mother must have really missed Miss H!! Now....did she miss you too? Did you get some presents too??

  3. Love those pouches and that London fabric is gorgeous. Great projects xx

  4. Lovely gifts for Hannah. xx

  5. Beautiful gifts for Miss H there Baa. The Mother sure has been busy. AND she has been getting all the bargains at the Op Shops too :-)

  6. Lovely presents. They are all so pretty.