Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sewing Caddies

Hello Peeps,

The Mother loved Jenny of Elefantz's sewing caddies, and couldn't wait to make her own caddie.

This is the one she made.
She used French General fabric around the centre panel so that it would match in with the lounge.
The Mother also made one for the Iron Maiden's birthday present.

The Mother also used French General fabric because it also suits the Iron Maiden's house.

The Iron Maiden was sooooooo happy with her present - she even said it was one of the BESTEST presents EVER! (I personally think chocolate is waaay better!)
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. A great gift...you could have chocolate too.

  2. Beautiful sewing caddies there Baa. I am quite keen to try that pattern of Jennys - I have always loved it. By the way, who on earth is The Iron Maiden ??

  3. The caddies are just beautiful and so useful too! Perhaps the next one could have a special chocolate pocket! :) x

  4. Two beautiful caddies - that design is super isn't it. xx

  5. Hmmm - chocolate/caddy....caddy/chocolate.....decisions decisions!

  6. Cute sewing caddy. Love the fabric.