Thursday, 4 December 2014

It's Christmas time!!!

Hello Peeps,

Yay! It is Christmas time. Miss H, the Mother, and I have already put up Christmas decorations. We don't have snow during Christmas (because it is Summer here) so the Mother got some fake snow and sprayed it on the windows.

Our Christmas tree. Can you spot me? (The Mother hasn't put the presents under the tree yet because she says I am too sneaky and would unwrap them while she was sleeping!)

 The wicker chest of drawers have been decorated. Sadly the reindeers (on the right) were accidentally smashed shortly after this photo was taken. :(

On the dresser is my mini Christmas tree. Can you see the Christmas hoops in the background?

That boot of candy canes is all MINE!!!  Yummy!

Oh look, another Christmas tree. And coolio fabric crackers. I wonder what is in them...

Miss H replaced the display shelf items with Christmas themed items.

The nativity scenes have been set up on top of the quilt cabinet. 

Miss H has also done some Christmas baking.

 Don't they look like mini Christmas trees?

They are for a school Christmas Party that the Mother is helping with.

Love From 
Baa. xxx

P.S. Pop by on Tuesday to see my Gingerbread House.


  1. Very pretty tree, and lovely decorations. How sad to lose the reindeer.

  2. Your decorations look beautiful, all ready for Christmas!