Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Gingerbread Houses!

 Hello Peeps,

On Friday we made Gingerbread Houses with the Bird Lady, Master C, Miss R, and Miss G (the lovely Chinese exchange student staying with them). Miss H hasn't made a Gingerbread House since she was 2 years old.

 Their house is on the left; Miss H and my house is on the right. 

First I will show you Miss R, Miss G, and Master C's house.

This is the front of their house. Can you see the Christmas tree?

Miss R wrote "Santa's Home" with chocolate letters. Do you think she will notice if I eat them?

 Aren't the flowers on the roof sooo coolio? And look at the icicles hanging down!

This is Miss H and my house.

I suggested that we should put "Merry Christmas" on the house. Can I eat the letters now?

Follow the mini M&M path to our Gingerbread House.

Ops! Someone threw paintballs at our house. Heehee. 

The Mother said the green icing on the back looks like cactus. Not quite what Miss H and I had in mind...
Can you see our pet dinosaurs in garden?

Here is Mr. Ginger. He has the coolio-est tie around his neck (it is keeping his head attached to his body).

Love From
Baa. xxx

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  1. Wow!! Those gingerbread houses are amazing !!! I love them all :-)
    You make me feel inspired to make one myself ... instead I shall just look at yours & dream I think. Love the pathway made of m & m's.