Friday, 21 November 2014

Stamped and Buttoned Up Bookmarks!

Hello Peeps,

Yummy! Grandma made pavlova for Birthday Dinner Dessert.

This is Priscilla.  She is helping me show the bookmarks that the Mother made.

Aren't they soooo coolio? They were made out of the selvage edges of a Nottinghill jelly roll.

The Mother decided to use scrapbooking papers on the back.

Doesn't that flower button make it even cuter?!

We got new letter stamps yesterday and the Mother added "read" to her bookmark.

Unfortunately Miss H wasn't able to finish the Mother's birthday present in time, but she wanted to give the Mother something on her birthday. So... she made a bookmark!

This bookmark is extra special because it is out of the French General selvages and the Mother loves French General.

It even has her name stamped on it. :)

Love From
Baa. xxx