Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Selvaged Bookmarks.

Hello Peeps,

Last week Miss H went on a 1st-aid course. She was very keen to practice what she had learned.The Mother refused to volunteer (might of had something to do with Miss H suggesting the Mother should break her leg...) so I became Miss H's patient. 

I am quite alright. The bandages are just for show (I really haven't broken anything!)

Thankfully Miss H has been distracted the last couple of days with her latest idea and has forgotten about more first- aid practice - although sadly she has also forgotten to remove my bandages too.

The other day Miss H was looking through a pile of selvage edges wondering what to do with them. They were far too small to sew together because they are from the ends of jelly rolls. She was thinking of throwing them away when I came up with a BRILLANT idea!!!
Why not glue them onto tags? They would make great bookmarks, gift tags, etc.

And that is exactly what Miss H did. :) 

Once Miss H had made the first ones she really got into it and looked through her selvage edges for more selveges to cut up. Here are the ones she made out of scraps from a couple of beach themed quilts the Mother is making.

This is the one Miss H made for herself. She added the little bit of fabric with the word "Crabs" on it.

This is the one she made for the Mother.  Isn't it coolio how the selvage edges have names on them?

 The backs look just as coolio too!
(The Mother's is on the right, Miss H's is on the left.)

 They will make perfect seaside summer reading bookmarks.  

Baa. xxx


  1. Brilliant idea, thank you so much Baa

  2. Oh I love that idea and that is a great book, fitting that such a wonderful bookmark adorn it.

  3. I see someone in the house is reading a Brian Jacques book... I'm a HUGE fan of the Redwall series. My sister and I used to fight over them when they'd come out for who got to read it first. I was so sad to hear he passed away. Now I think I may go grab The Pearls Of Lutra and snuggle up with some hot chocolate. Also, I love the little teddy blanket :)

  4. Great idea for the bookmarks, they look beautiful!