Friday, 24 January 2014

At the Cricket!

Hello peeps,

Miss H, The Mother, The Boss and I went to the cricket for the first time on Wednesday. They have never been before nor watched a game on TV because they have always thought cricket was such a boring game.
But their friend Mr Steve said that watching a game live was lots of fun and he REALLY wanted them to go to one game - so when India came to play NZ they went to watch a one dayer. So they drove down to Hamilton.

Watching the game. We had a good view from the embankment.

We packed a picnic. Those Tim Tams are all MINE!

Then the rain came down and  play stopped... 1 1/2 hours later the game continued. 

  Sitting on Miss H's quilt which the Mother made for her. The quilt was soaking wet after The Mother decided to use it as an umbrella. (Yes, the bump is her.)

The Black Caps total runs. But because of the Duckworth-Lewis (it seems no-one is able to explain what that is???) India needed 279 to win.

The crowd was bright and colourful. 

Mr Steve said this guy - Virat Kohli - was a super star. When he fielded, a crowd of people was always calling for his autograph. Which he signed in between fielding. He's a top batter.  Miss H ran down to get his photo for Mr Steve.

By the way, we won. Yay!  And we have all decided that cricket is not as boring as we thought. 

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