Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Time to decorate!!!

 Hello Peeps,

Yesterday Miss H, the Mother and I decorated the house and set up the Christmas tree.

I'm the star!!!

Hiding among the decorations!

I'm pretending to be a Christmas ornament. 

This is our beautiful Christmas skirt!

This is one of Miss H's favourite decorations. 

They all had such fun decorating the big tree. I felt a bit left out because I couldn't reach to hang any ornaments. So I insisted that I have my own little tree. The Mother kindly let me use her one that she has had since childhood... a VERY long time ago...

Isn't it sooo cute?!?

Look at some of the cute little decorations she has to decorate it!

All finished.  I hope all those tiny presents underneath it are for ME!!!

13 days until Christmas!

Love from

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