Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Snug Mug Rug!

Hello Peeps,

Last week of school for Miss H. She finished Homeschool Sports on Monday. The Mother got a present for being on the committee. 

Don't I look beautiful?   I'm not sure about my new body though...

Sadly the mug was a little small for me... (Miss H says I should stop eating sooo much chocolate....yeah right!)

Miss H was playing around with some leftovers of one of the quilts The Mother is making. The scraps weren't even so Miss H got out the cutter... VERY bad idea. She was going to throw it in the bin but The Mother rescued it and made a mug rug for her new mug. She is SOOO clever!!! 

Still a tad wonky... but that is what gives it character!  :) 

Summer is officially here!  (Although it has been raining for the past two days...)  

19 more days until Christmas!!!

Love From Baa. xxx


  1. Nice mug rug. I've been collecting patterns for rugs, but still have yet to make one. Baa if Miss H obliges you to give up a little chocolate...pls send it to Canada LOL By the way, you look just darling with a flower in your hair. xox

  2. Nice mug rug Baa. You can diet after the holiday.