Saturday, 17 August 2019


Hello Paw Pals,

It is ME! Snowy the little dog who thinks he is a rottweiler. 

A while ago, Miss H bought me a doggie bandanna and then the Mother used it as a template (with some tweaks to make it even better!) to make me some more with very funky fabric. She finished them earlier this week and Miss H convinced me that I should do a photo shoot. Cheese is a very convincing tool. 

Give me the CHEESE!

No one can see me - I am in camouflage! 
This is my favourite one - it is so helpful when I hunt the birds that visit my lawn. (I never catch them though...)

What is on that bandanna you are putting on me, Miss H?

Oh the embarrassment! Take it off me, take it off me NOW!!!

Oooh, blue. This one is so stylish!

Is that my best side?

Or this side?

This one is a gift for another dog. I will make sure to get my scent all over it so she knows it came from me!

Right, now I've done a photoshoot, eaten cheese, and written a blog post, SO now it must be time for my walk! Help me put my rain jacket on please Miss H - I hear Grandma coming to take me!

Slobbery Kisses,
Snowy. Woof!


  1. Great photo shoot Snowy. xx

  2. Oh Snowy you are looking SO so stylish in your different bandanas. Not sure which is my fave - love them all on you. xx

  3. You're ever so photogenic Snowy - even when you're all flushed with embarrassment over the cats. I'm sure they will only make you wear that one when it's dark outside so nobody sees you.