Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Made for this...

Hello Peeps,


What do a flamingo, vintage telephone, and a cheeseburger have in common? 

(Apart from being handstitched...)

Well, it goes back a couple of weeks ago...

Miss H was looking through her numerous projects for something to whip up quickly. She couldn't find anything though, so she looked in the stitchery jar...

This is the stitchery jar where most of the stitcheries go to wait for the Mother or Miss H to make them into something - some have waited for years... 

Inside the jar Miss H found an assortment of stitcheries (including the above ones). Then she remembered some fabric she had found that would go perfectly with the stitcheries. 

This poor fabric was once a jelly roll which Miss H was going to use to make a quilt for the Mother. But then the plan was changed, and instead the Mother was given the fabric. Once again, ideas changed and it was given back to Miss H where it sat until she thought of something to do with it. By that time it was already cut into smaller pieces.

And now, at last, she has! 

Originally Miss H was going to surround a few stitcheries to make into smaller projects...

...but then she thought, "Why not make them into a quilt? Then they will all have a use!"

Unfortunately her next thought was that if she is making a quilt out of all the stitcheries that she thinks are cute, funny, or weird that she will need to make even more!!!

So instead of designing something to quickly whip up, she created another big project for herself... oops!

Hand stitching makes her happy though! Plus, she is choosing all sorts of quirky stitcheries to do that she really wanted to stitch but had no use for. 

Like this sword, hanging terrarium, and mouse with a cuppa.

These stitcheries have truly been made (and are being made) for this quilt. 

Love from
Baa. xxx

P.S. Did you know that Fiji has only ever won 1 Olympic medal. Only one! It was a gold (wow!) in the Rugby 7's at the 2016 Summer Olympics. As you can imagine they were sooooo proud and happy that they decided to print $7 commemorative notes!

 How coolio is this note? It has the whole team on it. 

It is legal tender in Fiji. The Mother asked at every shop if they had one when she went on her cruise to Fiji. 
So next time you are buying something for $7 and have to use coins or get change, remember that in Fiji they have a convenient note you can use. 

P.P.S  Pop by this weekend to find out Miss H's Christmas theme for this year!


  1. I can see this is going to be a fun quilt! Pretty fabricstoo. xx

  2. Love the stitcheries. It will make a gorgeous quilt. Love it $7.

  3. Interesting fact about the Fiji tender. And isn't it always that way that something that was originally planned to be a small project seems to morph into something larger. Maybe it's because those cute stitcheries wanted to have company?