Sunday, 14 May 2017

Design Floor Chaos!

Hello Paw-Pals, 

The Mother arrived home from work to find her design floor a complete mess. 

"Snowy! This is not how I left the design floor this morning." The Mother exclaimed. 
I quickly told her that it was the cat!

"What? Me?" Purred Luna. "I am far too cute and innocent to destroy your design floor."

So it remains a mystery who caused chaos while the Mother was away... but maybe now the Mother will stop using the lounge's carpet as her design floor. 

Slobbery kisses,
From Snowy! 


  1. Video surveillance. I had a design wall with a quilt (all the blocks) laid out on it. I had a child come, grab it and give it a good shake. The majority of the 111 blocks ended up on a pile on the floor. Maybe someone broke in to move your pieces, I cannot imagine that innocent face of Luna doing it.

  2. Shame about the chaos - the design looks interesting though!

  3. Baa wasn't mentioned in this - hmmmm.....????