Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I'm back...

Hello Peeps,

I'm back! Yay! Miss H and I have been spending some time away from the blog while Miss H has been getting better and getting back into university. But now (at long last) I am back.

It has been mostly sunny here of late - but rain will be coming soon now that summer has ended. 

Pattern by Jenny of Elefantz

Miss H used different threads for this stitchery than she usually uses. The thread was much thicker and tricky to use - but she likes how it turned out.

Pattern by Jenny of Elefantz
This one is my favourite of the two stitcheries. I just LURVE the colours. 

A vase of flowers. At least these ones will never die like real flowers. 

A lady bug! Yay! One of my favourite bugs. 

Snowy will be posting his first blog post of 2017 early next week.

Miss H has been doing lots of creating with felt recently. Pop by late next week to see some of the things she has made. No hints - seeing as I don't know what sound llamas make... oops! Don't tell Miss H!!!

Love from,
Baa. xxx


  1. Hello Baa ...lovely to see you back in the land of Blog again & also to hear Miss H is on the mend. Those are some beautiful stitcheries she has been doing.

  2. Lovely to have you back Baa and I am glad Miss H is settled back at university and feeling much better. Love these pretty little stitcheries.... what is Miss H going to make with them? I like the sound of the felt project.... can't wait.... my eldest daughter lurves llamas! Christine xx

  3. Cute stitcheries and so happy Miss H is feeling better.

  4. Welcome back Baa and good to hear that Miss H is well again. Pretty stitcheries. xx

  5. Welcome back Baa - we were missing you! So glad that Miss H is feeling better and happy to see her sweet stitcheries.