Saturday, 4 February 2017

Festival One

Hello Peeps,

Last weekend (which was a long weekend because Monday was a holiday - YAY!) Miss H went to a music festival which she ABSOLUTELY loved!!!

They had sooo many crafty things to make the place look beautiful. 

Aren't these knitted pot holder so coolio?! 

They even had cool giant games like this connect four and...

...these cool scrabble pieces which Miss H spelled my name with. 

Oh and one mustn't forget this awesome graffiti on a specially set-up wooden wall.  

This beautiful bird is a tui.  

These looked amazing swinging in the wind while Miss H listened to some lovely music. 

There was also two incredible teepees that gave some shade form the burning sun. This one was beautiful, but...

...this one was the BEST! It was completely crocheted. COOLIO! 

This week (since Tuesday) Miss H started university again. Next week I will be showing you her new room. 

Love From, 
Baa. xxx


  1. Looks like a great crafty venue for a music festival. Good luck for the new term. xx

  2. Great pics Baa ... I am sure that is the same music festival my stepson went to & he loved it too. Being a boy .... he didnt notice all the crafty crochet embellishments quite so much!!!

  3. Looks like a fun place to be! I love those knitted flower pots and the huge scrabble tiles. What fun!!