Saturday, 10 December 2016

Scraps, a Burn, and Kiwi Ingenuity

Hello Peeps,

The other day Miss H did some sewing - in between the chaos of everything going on at the moment.

A friend of the Mother's - whom the Mother has been teaching to quilt - gave Miss H the cut-off from the X and O blocks she has been making.

So Miss H sewed them all together. They are a bit tangled Miss H...

Unfortunately, Miss H then burnt herself on the iron. Ow! 
She got the angle wrong when she picked it up as both Miss H and the Mother had been using the iron so the angle kept changing. 
So she ran her arm under the water for ages while I cried big sheepie tears. 

But she slowly kept going with the sewing. 

Here are the pieces for one of the two pouches Miss H made. 

Later when the Boss came home and heard about Miss H's burn - and that she hadn't run it under the water for 15 minutes - he used some Kiwi ingenuity.
This is Miss H's arm wrapped up in a damp tea towel and held firmly by a ratchet strap that the Boss uses to tie things down in the trailer. It worked perfectly for taking the stinging heat out of the burn. 

Here are the completed pouches. 

This one now belongs to the Mother.

The Mother quilted both of the pouches. She stitched Snowy and her name into her one. 

She wrote Miss H's name, love and joy into Miss H's pouch. 

Perfect and very comfortable. 

Pop by on Monday to see what Miss H has decided for this year's Christmas theme. 

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Ouch Baa - poor Miss H, that is one nasty burn. That under part of our forearm is always very tender - I have burnt myself there on the oven before. The pouches are just beautiful & that one suits you perfectly Baa.

  2. I don't share an iron and I can burn myself. Hope it is better. Very cute pouches and love the quilting. Great idea to quilt in names, and words.

  3. Ouch!! That looks nasty, but easily done sadly. Great pouches out of off cuts, the look so pretty. xx

  4. Oooh that looks sore! I hope the burn heals up quickly! The pouches are really pretty and I love the quilted names! Christine x

  5. Oh no. I hope Miss H's arm is healing. Sending get well hugs. xxxx

  6. Oh dear - I hope you gave Miss H lots of feel better kisses Baa. And hooray for The Boss and his solution - will have to remember that one. Nice pouches came out of all the pain though.