Monday, 26 December 2016

Pink Christmas!

Hello Peeps,

This was our Christmas in Pink!!!

This is the table setting. Miss H used one of her quilts as the table cloth. 

Grandma and Miss H conspired together to use the Mother's favourite roses as the centerpiece. Thankfully the Mother thought it looked amazing - even though we pinched her roses! Hee...hee...heee!

Of course Miss H had to make some pretty pink crackers! 
There was yummy licorice inside!

Snowflakes were hung on the chairs. 

This was our delicious Christmas dinner spread. 

The Boss used a cookie cutter to cut the ham into heart shapes. 

Mmmmmm... Dessert! 
Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake and Grandma's delicious pavlova! 

Grandma put pink food colouring in to make the pavlova pink. It was her first time ever changing the colour of a pavlova. 
Look how bright the inside turned out. 

Oh, and of course - ICECREAM!!!

Yummy supper! 
There was cookies as well but Miss H didn't get any pictures of them - which is probably good because the gingerbread men looked like pink mummies! 


Luna enjoyed ripping apart the beautiful decorations. 

"Ooops! Caught in the act... I blame the dog!" Meowed Luna.

We will be away on Summer holiday until the 8th.
I hope you all have a fantastic New Year's Day!

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Your pink Christmas looks fabulous! Have a great New Year and holiday. I look forward to continuing our blogging friendship in 2017! Christine x

  2. Love your pink Christmas. Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy your holiday.

  3. Absolutely beautiful & pinkalicous Baa. I love it all ... especially that pink quilt. Poor Luna sure was caught in the act !! Have a wonderful break away x x x

  4. Pink isn't one of my most favourite colours, but I have to say it does look good the way you've done it. Altho', I did notice that you, Baa, weren't sporting a pink bow...tsk tsk. Happy holidays!

  5. I love it! Your pink Christmas is gorgeous. Have a wonderful holiday Baa. Happy New Year! xxx

  6. Now a Pink Christmas with summer goodies at least for us in the North...looks so yummy...I really like how you celebrate...I think of Pink as a lighter shade of RED lol. Happy New Year..