Sunday, 18 December 2016


Hello Peeps,

This is the second part of our adventure - all the goodies we bought.

This was the most amazing smelling potpourri.  Julie makes it herself and we were so lucky that Julie gave us some as a gift.  Presently it is making our whole home smell yummy!!!

We bought some lovely goodies from her shop and they came in this lovely gift bag. 

And look - The Mother bought three of these coolio toadstools. 

She popped it straight into her funky flower pot when she got home.

The Mother bought potpourri for her friend, some beautiful smelling soap and a lovely card with the cutest crochet flower.

And this was all for her!  The BESTEST, BESTEST, BESTEST bunting. It looks soooo coolio hanging up on her little hutch dresser.
(I must admit Miss H and I did try and snaffle it from the Mother...heehee...)

This is such a coolio idea - a bag to keep cheese in so it doesn't go moldy. The Mother got it for Miss H to take with her when she goes back to Tauranga at the end of January for Unversityi again at her new boarding place.

And Miss H couldn't resist Diane. Isn't she adorable in her teeny tiny teacup? 

Miss H got the coolio-est sewing machine - a vintage blue sewing machine!!! 
Isn't it the bestest?! And it still works - which makes it even better!!!

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. What fabulous goodies you all brought home.... the perfect ending to what sounded like a perfect day! Christine x

  2. Great finds, what does your potpourri smell like? Love the new to you machine.

  3. Wonderful Baa ... that mushroom looks just perfect in the Mothers spotty cup. Thank you so much for all the goodies you purchased from me ... please try not to let The Mother kill the babies tears plant :-)

  4. What a great collection of goodies - I love the sewing machine! xx

  5. Loved all the wonderful goodies, but have to say that sewing machine definitely made my heart skip a beat!

  6. The bunting! Swoon...envy, envy...swoon.... :-)