Monday, 21 November 2016

One returns, One leaves, One Library!

Hello Peeps, 

I'm back at last!!!

Miss H finished her last days of university for this year last week. Then the Mother came down and helped us pack up and return to Auckland. Next was the big tidy and fitting everything back into place. Whew!!!

But now I am back and ready to show you some projects Miss H has been working on in between everything she has been doing. And of course Snowy will still show what the Mother has been up to - other than tidying (the place is still a mess and it is all the Mother's - hee...hee...hee...)

Now that she is back in her own room, Miss H set about turning it into her dream room - a library bedroom!

These book shelves contian her DVD's, CD's, childhood books from when she was in primary school, animal books and magazines, romance, and Biblical books. 
Can you see her vintage camera collection? The Brownie camera was her grandmothers (it may still work but Miss H doesn't know how to use it...).

Of course Miss H has a supply of quilting/stitchery books and magazines. They are supervised by Chester who would not let me anywhere near them in case I slobbered on them. 

This whole bookshelf is devoted to Miss H's classics collection - she LURVES classics. 
The books sitting on the table to the right of the picture are the books Miss H got for university. 

These folders are chocka-block full of readings from some of Miss H's courses this year. Whew, it was a lot of reading (and a lot of boredom and chocolate eating for me...)!

And one of the best parts - the window seat! This area has all the picture books that Miss H has started collecting (and maybe a couple she pinched from the Mother's bookshelf...).

Finally, some big BIG BIG news!

The Geek's childhood friends - he no longer plays with them (just letting you know so the Geek doesn't get annoyed at Miss H). I rescued them and they are MY friends now and won't be returning to the dungeon I dug them out from!

Mousey and Mammoth's owner - who is the Geek - is moving out of home for the first time. He has a job in Wellington (NZ's capital) and so he's moving down there before the 5th of December which is his first day. 
Next year when Miss H goes back to Tauranga the Mother will have no children at home - for the first time in over 21 years! 

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Well, some of us old "mamas" grew up with Brownie cameras. Miss H will need to find some "127 film", which will probably require finding a specialty camera store. If she takes the camera along to the camera store, they will show her how to load the film, where the shutter lever is, how to wind/advance the film, how to take it out when she has finished 12/24 pictures, and then where to have it "processed" (probably back at the camera shop). Kodiak has fallen on hard times since the advent of digital cameras, but it is still possible to find some supplies.

  2. Glad to have you back Baa! Miss H's room looks lovely and very tidy!! I like your new friends! My son also moved out to start his first job this Summer but I still have two girls one is away at University like Miss H and the other is at home! I can appreciate how the Mother feels! Enjoy your week! Christine x

  3. Isn't it nice to be home? Love the tour and all the books are great. Welcome Baa's new friends. My kids grandmother still used a brownie camera when they were little girls.

  4. That looks like a lovely room Hannah - I think the window seat is brilliant, wish I had one! Enjoy your time at home. xx