Monday, 12 September 2016

Scrap and Stash September: Star Quilts Revealed...

Hello Paw-Pals,

This is quilt 1

The Mother has been doing some work on the Scrap and Stash September quilts.  She decided it would be fun to use her star blocks in a colour star quilt.

Each block is a different colour.  She hardly believed she had scraps in that many colours.  She had great fun!

I like the blue star, the Mother likes the yellow one.

She decided to make 2 quilts - But silly her she sent these photo's to Miss H but took two photo's of the same one!!!!!  Gee, she really needs help!!! 
Though the two pictures at the top are of the other quilt - before it is completed...

Take One - with borders on top and bottom only...

This is quilt 2

Take Two - with borders on all sides.
Slobbery Kisses,


  1. Love these beautiful 'starry' quilts.... such a lovely scrappy feel and lots of fabulous colours! Christine x

  2. Lovely and a great way to use your scrappy stars. xx

  3. Careful Snowy, or there will be NO doggie cookies for you.