Sunday, 31 July 2016

Jenny July: Packing it all in!

Hello Peeps and Paw-Pals,

Today is the last day of Jenny July, but we still have sooooo much to show you. So we have attempted to pack it all in (though there are still others we couldn't fit in).

Snowy will tell you about the first three:

The Mother can't remember if we showed you this when she stitched it up last year  It was the start of her taking beautiful linens she found in the op shop and adding Jenny's stitcheries to them.

The Mother loved stitching this last year.  I am not sure she is more domesticated - she still prefers stitching, quilting and walking me to housework!  But she is getting better!

Just recently she stitched this one in the centre of another treasure - ' Contentment comes from Gratitude' one of Jenny's beautiful Gentle Domesticity BOM.

Love the way Jenny combines applique with stitchery.  It makes her designs so pretty.

And another - guess you can see how I 'love' these designs

Here is the last one that I (Baa) will show you:

Miss H stitched this cute little birdie on another doily found in the op shop.

I lurve how in Jenny's design it has running stitches - it makes it look so coolio!

Lazy daisy stitches make the bestest stitched flowers and French knots are perfect for button holes.
(Shhhh... I am about to tell you a secret: Miss H loathes stitching French knots.)

Love and Slobbery Kisses From
Baa. xxx and Snowy!


  1. Those stitcheries look wonderful on the doilies, Baa and Snowy. I really must look through my collection of doilies and stitch one. That's okay if Miss H loathes doing French knots. I'll tell you a secret. I don't really enjoy doing satin stitch! xxx

  2. More pretties Baa and Snowy - thank you! btw - perhaps you could share a wee 'tip' with Miss H re doing French knots - if she ends up with a FK she's not happy with, simply get a larger sized needle and run it through right beside the offending FK (really close). Then simply (with her working needle to the back) give a sharp tug on the thread....the offending FK should simply just pop to the back of her work out of sight (making the larger hole in the fabric helps it to pop to the back with a minimum of fuss). Hope that helps! It certainly did the trick for me anyway.

  3. A lovely collection and thank you both for sharing them with us. I have so many of Jenny's stitcheries waiting to be stitched - this has been inspiration. xx

  4. I just adore how you are reusing the items you are finding. Such sweet stitcheries, all of them.

  5. These are seriously cute. You should frame some. XO Auntie M