Monday, 18 January 2016

Preparing to Sew My ABC's

Hello Peeps,

Miss H and the Mother decided that they would do some sewing preparation work for Miss H to sew down in Tauranga.

The Mother and Miss H both decided that they would make Moda's Spell It With Fabric Quilt.
I will get Snowy to show you the Mother's another day when she starts cutting hers out - he needs some practice before I let him out on his own...

Miss H chose to use her Miss Kate jelly roll.

I supervised Miss H cutting out the letters.

Once the fabric was cut out, it was put in a labelled bag with it's instructions.

Here are all the letters bagged up.
(The Mother will cut out the background fabric and her own letters when she can.)

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Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Great idea for Miss H to take that with her Baa ... kind of like a block of the month all bagged up like that. So pleased you are giving Snowy some lessons on blogging Baa.

  2. Pretty fabrics Hannah and I am sure Baa will keep you on your sewing toes while you are away! xx

  3. I know you will miss Miss H while she is gone, but I just took a peek. She is going to a beautiful place, very unlike where I call home.

  4. What a lovely quilt project for Miss H to take with her Baa! Looking forward to seeing Snowy's blog posts.. he is sure to do a good job with your expert tuition! Have a lovely week! Christine x

  5. I wonder how many people Miss H might end up teaching to quilt when she's away. And what fun to be working on the same project - only different. For sure you need to teach Snowy what to do....poor thing must be feeling quite overwhelmed at the big shoes (ooops...hoofies) he has to fill!

  6. Great idea to have something cut out and ready to sew. Will be fun to see how different they turn out.