Monday, 28 October 2019

Reindeer, a pug, and more...

Hello Peeps, 

A couple of months ago, I gave you a sneak peek of Miss H's Christmas quilt. It has been a long weekend here in NZ so Miss H has settled down and finished the quilt blocks. I gave you a hint about what the theme would be this year for Christmas, and if you guessed reindeer - you were RIGHT! YIPPEE!

Miss H did her first ever QAYG (Quilt As You Go) quilt. So all the top stitching of the applique pieces are actually the quilting of the quilt. How coolio!
This is one of my favourite reindeers - he's so funky with those glasses!

Look at those hooves! Miss H used glitter fabric! Oh sooo sparkly!

And sparkly noses too! 

Except, Rudolph of course! He has his trademark red nose.

Miss H doesn't want me to show you the whole quilt yet because its for Christmas! Sigh! I wish it was Christmas already!
Now all Miss H has to do is put the quilt blocks together. And do the binding (yawn...)

Miss H has been busy stitching, stitching, stitching away. 

In fact, she has also been trying some new things in her hand-stitching. 
The first is stitching a pug's face. 

Isn't he looking coolio?  Even if he is a little scowley! I think its just because his face stitches are so tight. 

The other thing Miss H has been trying is hand quilting with her thread. 

There were little squares from the off-cuts of some little bags Miss H and the Mother were making. 
So Miss H trimmed and sewed them together before adding batting and backing fabric. Then she got out her thick thread and quilted it by hand. This is something that Miss H has only done once before on a quilt several years ago and she hated it so much, the Mother finished it. 

But this time she actually enjoyed it and found it quite fun deciding where to put the top stitching. In fact she was inspired by someone she follows on Instagram.  

Then she made this one for her friend as a mug rug. 

She added the cute little cat stamp as her friend loves cats - in fact is called Kat! And not only that but fosters cats (even the ones that are practically feral that no one else will foster) until they are ready to go to forever homes. 

This next little mug rug was inspired by Japanese Sashiko - and she found a free pattern online that she traced out. 

Doesn't all the top stitching look sooooo pretty?! 

Oh and look at this cute, cute, cute stitchery that Miss H just finished. I wonder what it will become...

Very soon it will be November, and then before we know it it will be the Mother's birthday. Next year the Mother turns the big six zero! So starting from this November she will be in her 60th year. And for her birthday present she has requested Miss H to do hand stitcheries for her. Miss H thought this was a great idea, and why not spend the year doing 60 stitcheries for the Mother's 60 year. Woohoo!

Now this might sound like a LOT! But Miss H has done that many in a year before, in fact last year she recorded how many she did.

And the end result was 83 stitcheries. and this year she has already done 59 stitcheries so doing 60 shouldn't be too hard - hopefully...

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Beautiful projects! I love the Sashiko stitching!! I turn 6-0 next year too and I think the stitchery idea as a present is a great idea!! Might have to drop a few hints around here!! Christine xx

  2. I love the pug...I think you should call him know, Pugsy Malone...I saw that movie when I was younger :-D Tell Miss H her handquilting is fabulicious!

  3. What fun projects! I laughed at the expression on that pug - looks so guilty as if he's been caught in the act of doing something naughty. And Baa, if you are very very good, perhaps Miss H might let you sleep under that reindeer quilt.